Business Litigation

Hughes Roch attorneys are routinely asked to handle business disputes for individuals, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.  We have successfully tried or settled a variety of business disputes involving contracts, deceptive trade practices, fraud, fiduciary duties, partnerships, shareholders, tortious interference, unfair competition, defamation, and business disparagement.   Read More

Employment Litigation

Executive Officer Litigation

Hughes Roch attorneys have obtained numerous substantial awards for officers of private and public companies seeking recovery of bonuses, commissions, severance, or other incentive compensation. These successful outcomes are significant in that many occurred after the backlash from corporate scandals including Enron.  
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Wrongful Termination and Retaliation

Hughes Roch attorneys have obtained numerous verdicts and settlements in cases involving age, race, sex, national origin, pregnancy, disability, and FMLA discrimination, harassment , retaliation, and wrongful termination for refusal to commit a crime.   Read More

Defense Cases for Employers

Hughes Roch attorneys have a proven track record in effectively representing clients when the stakes are high.  Consequently, defendants have retained Hughes Roch attorneys in sensitive and/or high profile employment cases.   Read More


Hughes Roch attorneys are often called upon to provide counsel to employers and employees in a variety of employment issues including hiring, discipline and termination issues as well as policies, handbooks and employment contracts.


Hughes Roch attorneys have handled numerous employment investigations on behalf of employers, including investigations related to race discrimination, sexual harassment, age discrimination and broker-dealer related customer complaints.

Securities Litigation

Hughes Roch attorneys assist clients with a wide range of securities matters, including raiding claims, customer complaints, promissory note litigation, suitability and research fraud. Our attorneys practice before FINRA and the NYSE as well as in state and federal court.   Read More

Trade Secrets And Covenants Not to Compete

Hughes Roch attorneys have extensive experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in non-compete and trade secret matters, including representing employers, employees, as well as purchasers and sellers of businesses.  Our attorneys have obtained numerous temporary restraining orders and injunctions on behalf of our clients.   Read More